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What is LosingChampion.com and how does it work ?

LosingChampion.com is a weight loss competition that runs from August 1st 2013 till July 31 2014 which features Woody Vs Freddy. Both Gentlemen are looking forward to lose weight and become the ultimate loss champion. This website is connected to an intelligent system that lets you track their weight as time goes by, so you can check up on them everyday. You can Encourage each of them to continue on their streak, resulting in a better lifestyle for them, and each month, an encourager, like you, can win valuable prizes (You will be contacted using a Facebook Message).

Prizes for competitors

No money is needed for a competition like this. The healthier lifestyle that results is enough! Encourage someone if you agree.

Which Diet is used?

The competitors are on a Carbohydrate Restricted Diet.

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